What is a SIM Only Plan and other FAQs

What is a SIM only plan?

SIM only plans are a mobile data package that offers an unlimited or a specified amount of minutes, data and texts which you can pop into any unlocked handset. A SIM only deal is a great way to keep your beloved old handset or to save money each month as you pay a lower monthly cost than a deal with a mobile handset.

Most mobile phone deals and offers are a combination of the perfect handset and the perfect tariff. For some people, the call and text package is the only important part of the mobile phone deal.

For those of us who already have the perfect handset and are simply looking for a great deal on calls and texts, the best mobile phone deal is a SIM-only deal or pay as you go SIM. A SIM-only mobile phone deal does exactly what is says on the tin, giving you a mobile phone SIM card without the handset.

SIM-only mobile deals are great if you already have a handset you love. Most UK mobile phone networks offer at least one pay as you go SIM phone deal.

Perhaps you have just come to the end of your contract and you are looking to get a new mobile phone deal. If you are happy with handset you have, then you can get a SIM card for the existing handset and carry on using it as before, only with your new number.

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