I want a SIM only deal with another network. What do I do?

The very first step is to check that you’re free to switch. The best way to do this to ring your network.

Once you’ve established that you are, pick a SIM only deal and network that suits you and sign up for it. Your SIM card should arrive within two days.

In the meantime, ring or email your network to tell them you’d like to leave and ask them to unlock your phone.

You may find you’re encouraged to stay by their customer retentions department. If you are it’s important that you’re firm with them and insist that you’re determined to switch.

A charge may apply for unlocking your phone. But this will only be between £15-£20. Once the phone is unlocked you can insert your new SIM and you’re all set.

If you want to keep your number, make sure you also ask your current network for a PAC code (Porting Authorisation Code) when you notify them you’d like to leave. We’ll look at how you use your PAC code more closely in the section below.

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